About Us

3star Properties  is a group of real-estate professionals with multiple decades of experience in sales and marketing of real-estate projects.  

We provide professional, planned and result oriented guidance to our client looking to outsource their real-estate projects marketing and sales activities.

Our team of professionals constantly conduct careful and analytic market research and surveys of the ever changing and dynamic real estate sector of Mumbai, which  ensures that at any given point, our team is in position to provide our client with all possible inputs which helps them in  selling their real-estate projects in a result-oriented schedule to ensure steady inflow of funds and resources for timely completion of their projects.;

We believe in being with you at every step of the way which ensures that our client is not only making the correct choice but is also safeguarded from any other malicious elements.

Also, the team of professionals at 3 star properties  provide a plethora of additional and valuable guidance in arranging  financial assistance in various types of project loans and a range of financial products for customers in the home loan sector.

The team of professionals at 3Star Properties have multi-decades of experience in various facets of real estate.  Be it  B2B digital marketing activities, B2C social media activities, liasoning with BMC & MHADA for various project permissions,  sourcing and negotiations for re-development projects.

In short, we offer 360 degrees consultation and complete guidance for all segments  in the real-estate sector.

Our rich hands-on experience will put your projects on the fast-track with guaranteed visible results in the shortest possible time-frame.

With a gamut of such services we aim to be a one stop destination for the Builders fraternity and  theirvaluable customer base.